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Warhawk Reborn

What is Warhawk?
Warhawk is a multiplayer third-person shooter video game developed by Incognito Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. It is a remake of an aerial warfare game of the same name, which was an early title on the original PlayStation.
Why reborn?

Nearly twelve years after it's release on January 31, 2019, Sony will shut down all online servers that power Warhawk. As Warhawk is a pure multiplayer game this will render it basically useless. The goal of this project is to provide an easy solution to continue playing over the internet after this date and if possible reimplement some of the features found in the online mode of Warhawk, without the need to use a VPN with your PlayStation, which adds a lot of drawbacks.

How to use it?

We aim to make it as easy as possible to join a server. In the ideal case, it should be as easy as starting a program on a device in the same network as your PS3 and all online servers should magically appear in the LAN mode of Warhawk. Note that there will be no need to change any network configurations, or use a modified version of the game.

Step by Step

Will there be official servers?

Yes, but they are no different from a user hosted server except that will run in dedicated server mode, meaning that there is no player on the console hosting the server. We aim to keep at least one server online 24/7.

Can I host my own server?

Sure. Note however that in some cases you might need to open ports on your Router.

How can I help?

Join the forum to get updated on progress and exchange your self with other Warhawk fans. Once a version of our software is ready, feel free to test it and submit bugs, which helps us improve the software. If you know how to code and want to help in development contact Thalhammer in the forum.

You can find more about the differences to XLink on this page: XLink However, the short form is that XLink requires a lot of changes and prevents you from being online while playing, while Warhawk only requires you to install an app on your phone.

Were can I find information about reverse engineering Warhawk?
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